With the launch of seven new funds, iShares needed a piece to communicate their new products using this fresh Canadian brand which we developed. The concept of buying funds by laddering is like DNA to their brand so we created this vibrant and memorable visual. The request, also, was to design a piece that could house an existing U.S. booklet. A roll-fold with pocket brochure was the solution.

Hilton Hotels had renovated two of their premium properties and wanted to showcase the new facilities. The idea of a proud parent was the concept for delivering this dimensional brochure which presented a visual ‘handing out of cigars’ in celebration. Short-fold stepped pages were used to create this cigar giving effect as the content spoke to the new and exciting features of the Toronto hotel.

Digtal agency Mighty was going to be throwing a great summer party and needed signage to create enthusiasm internally for the event. Summer months often found busy times causing employees to skip out on the team-building affair. So a series of fun posters were created using a classic retro look to accompany the golf theme. Washroom signs were part of the series with catchy, less reverent headlines.

Jaguar Canada developed a drive to win contest to incent existing Jaguar owners to attend a dealer test-drive in one of their new models. The package included a letter, brochure, contest theme folder and four vehicle beauty cards, describing the luxury features of the cars and enticing owners to participate. The package was delivered in a custom designed envelope with a visually arresting design.

The annual PROMO! Awards celebrate the best Canadian Brand Activation programs. Posters and program design were required with a pre-determined concept theme: Make Some Noise. The awareness collateral needed to cut through the clutter of a busy marketplace of... marketers. Bright, eye-catching design was used to catch the attention of participants and supporters of the awards show.

Scotia Private Client Group is a financial planning process that can identify opportunities to achieve sound financial futures. The ask was to develop branding for this category and visually identify their three core pillars of business: Build, Preserve, Transfer. This luxurious brochure and folder was developed using simple and beautiful photography to illustrate the brand with elegance.

Trillium Gift of Life Network's mission is to save and enhance lives through the gift of organ and tissue donation and transplantation in Ontario. To promote awareness of the program a large banner was needed to serve as a backdrop for booths promoting donorship across Ontario. Using images of real people we created this visual of a family of organ recipients framed on a living room wall setting.

The Canadian Marketing Association’s annual conference collateral materials this particular year focussed on the next wave of technology and its impact on the marketing industry. This ultra simple theme and colourful layout style created a vibrancy to the conference, using a city-wide visual theme as a solution: Next. Favourite moment of the photoshoot: TTC security kicking us out of Bloor Station.